Dr. Hugo Oscar Juri

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery - UNC
Full Professor of Medical Computer Science. Faculty of Medical Sciences
CONEAU Evaluator
Vice-President of the Southern Cone region of the UDUAL
Argentine Director of Fulbright Commission

Dr. Ramón Pedro Yanzi Ferreira

Doctor in Law and Social Sciences - UNC
Head Professor of History of Argentine Law. Faculty of Law
Member of the Academic Council Infojus. Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Argentine Nation
Member of the National Academy of Moral and Political Science

Registrar’s Office
Registrar: Roberto Terzariol, Eng.
Deputy Secretary General: Jorge Dutto, AEng.
Academic Affairs
Head of Academic Affairs: Dr. Mirta Spadiliero de Lutri
Academic Affairs Secretary: Claudia Guzmán, Eng. MA
Sub-Secretary of Undergraduate Studies: María Cristina Castillo, BA
Sub-Secretary of Postgraduate Studies: Dr. Mirta Valentich
Strategic Institutional Planning
Head of the area: Elvira Fernández, Arch.
Sub-Secretary of Physical Planning: María del Carmen Fernández Saíz, Arch.
Students Affairs
Students Affairs Secretary: Leandro Carbelo, AEng.
Social Inclusion and Student Population Coordinator: Pablo Luis Cabrera, Arch.
Coordinator of the Head Office of Student Health: Erik Román Navarro Díaz, BA
Sports, Recreation and Healthy Life Coordinator: Andrés Gustavo Rolón
Science, Technology and Productive Innovation
Head of the area: Dr. Miriam Strumia
Science and Technology Secretary: Dr. Carla Giacomelli
Sub-Secretary of Promotion and Development of Scientific and Technological Research: Dr. Cecilia Ames
Sub-Secretary of Technological Innovation, Transference and Liaison: Dr. Franco Francisca 
Community Outreach
Head of the area: Dr. Gustavo Irico
Community Outreach Secretary: Conrado Storani, Atty.
Sub-Secretary of Culture: Pedro Sorrentino, MA
Institutional Management
Head of the area: Marcelo Conrero, AEng.
Institutional Management Secretary: Marcelo Sánchez, MA
Deputy Secretary for Administration: Héctor Gatti
International Relations
Deputy Secretary of International Relations: Dr. Miriam Carballo
Coordinator of International Cooperation: Carlos Barioglio, AEng.
Institutional Communication
Deputy Secretary of Institutional Communication: Gustavo Mathieu, MA
Computer Science
Deputy Secretary of Computer Science: Alfredo M. Montes, Eng.
IT Director: Daniel Bollo, Acct.
Virtual Platform
Head of the Virtual Platform: Dr. Cecilia Cravero
Main Office of Hygiene, Security and Working Environment Management
Head of the area: Daniel Pontelli, Eng.