Welcome to the First Intensive Course PECLA 2017

UNC welcomed 14 students that will be doing an intensive course on Spanish and Culture.

The intensive course started on Monday 13 th February within the framework of the
Spanish and Latin American Culture Program - PECLA- which is dependent on UNC
International Relations Office. PECLA integrates Spanish language with Latin
American culture in non-degree courses to be taken during the school year. There
are different programs: regular (four months), intensive (four weeks), or special

In this opportunity, the February intensive course started with students from different
US universities who will be staying in UNC during the first semester of the current
year. During this month, the students are expected to refresh and improve their
knowledge about Spanish and participate in extracurricular activities related to the
local culture. In order to fulfill this purpose, several visits to historical heritage sites of
the city and its surroundings were organized. On the other hand, all along the
semester these activities complement with the program “speaking partners” that
enables encounters between UNC students and international students. The proposal
seeks linguistic-cultural dialog between local students and foreign students with the
objective of promoting and facilitating the adaptation and the inclusion in the new
academic experience.

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